Friday, May 17, 2013

Peter Schiff: Currencies, Not Gold, Are the Real Risk (Video)

Today, CNBC’s Futures Now spoke with Peter Schiff about the disparate performance of paper versus physical gold in the first quarter of the year. Peter also addressed the plight of fiat currencies in the face of an international currency war and how this is also a bullish indicator for gold.
“I would say that speculative demand is what went down. I think a lot of people who came late to the gold rally were speculating in gold. They were simply buying it because the price was rising, they wanted to hop on that train… So I think the speculators have been flushed from the market in this pullback, but the investors – they’re still there. Because all the reasons that they’ve been buying gold for the past ten or twelve years, those reasons have never been stronger.”

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