Monday, August 5, 2013

July silver imports highest in 5 years

On the other hand, gold has seen a steep decline in imports in June (only 8.908 MT) compared to 37.618 MT in May, the second lowest in last five years. Overall, in the first four months, gold imports have grown by 104.27% at 78 MT.

Experts say traders are importing more silver because of trade restrictions on gold by the Government of India since June 3. The decrease in silver prices over the last three months is also driving imports. "Due to restrictions on gold, these figures were expected and traders are waiting for gold prices to fall further before they start buying," said Kishore Javeri of Javeri and Company.

Some traders also believe that the decrease in imports is also because of the depreciating rupee. "The rupee is touching 60 and there is also market pressure to maintain the balance in imports of gold, hence the decline in gold imports," said Monal Thakkar, president of Amrapali Industries.

"Silver, unlike gold, is very erratically imported. There have been periods when silver imports have been zero. Gold imports have been consistent until last month," said Samir Mankad, director of Gujarat State Cargo Exports Ltd . He added, "Silver imports are also high due to physical inventory available to store silver."

Aram Shishmanian, CEO of World Gold Council said, "It is well known that there is a deep belief in gold and its long-term prospects in India and China. Since the sudden drop in gold prices in mid-April, which was driven by the US investment markets, this belief has been reinforced."


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