Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fed Is Creating an Economic Illusion: Peter Schiff

“Are we richer or we poorer? Are we growing our liabilities or are we growing our assets? America is getting poorer. We are consuming our way into poverty. We’re borrowing from the rest of the world. We’re trying to reflate a phony economy based on assets prices like real estate and stocks. Meanwhile, the real economy deteriorating beneath our feet.”

The dirty little secret of finance is that everyone is making it up on the fly. Economics is a social science focused on human behaviors. People have a habit of behaving in ways they "shouldn't." Other scientific pursuits have tangible answers where economics has a collection of best guesses. The speed of light is a constant but the velocity of money is subject to the collective whims irrational masses.

For the better part of six years the FOMC has been doing its best to give away money. On an institutional, level money is essentially free. The notion driving this Federal Reserve largesse was the idea that free money would get spent, thus stimulating the economy. There should be inflation right now. Instead the economy is listless, almost sedated.

If market participants seem on edge it's only because everything they once believed to be true is either being shown to be utterly false or the delay between cause and effect is so long that the theory is pointless.

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