Sunday, April 7, 2013

Michael Moore talks with Peter Schiff about Guns in Ameica

Michael Moore shares his thoughts with Peter Shiff and express his belief that Americans Wouldn't Need Guns if We Had More Welfare.

"Looks like I read the gun survey wrong. In my defense, the first time I looked at it was live on the show as I read it. It turns out that 44% of whites own guns while only 27% of blacks do. A correct reading of the data reveals that while Whites represent 78% of the population, they represent 85% of gun owners"says Peter Schiff.

"Since white gun owners may possess more guns than non-white owners, Moore's 90% statistic may be accurate. However, as whites as a group are more affluent than blacks, there are many other items they are more likely to possess. Also, whites are far more likely to be hunters than blacks, so are more likely to own guns for that purpose. In addition, gun ownership is more heavily concentrated in rural areas. As a disproportionate number of blacks live in cities, their percentage of gun ownership is naturally lower", he added.

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