Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Peter Schiff and Jim Rogers comment on Q3

A number of various analysts have come up with different opinions on the future changes after the official announcement of the third round of quantitative easing (Q3). The majority of them assume that a fiscal cliff is coming. Others like Jim Rogers and Peter Schiff have not been quiet about their hatred for the policy of quantitative easing.

To begin with, Peter Schiff has said and read a lot about this policy, which clearly is a heated subject, given the fact what his opinion on it is. According to Schiff, the Federal Reserve should have let the economy fail 3 years ago and that all the rounds of quantitative easing are just delaying the inevitable. He thinks that the bold policy of Ben Bernarke will in fact inhibit job creation and growth. He has also been quite vocal that the Fed will never succeed in producing a vibrant economy by means of money printing. Schiff has also predicted the dollar index dipping to even 20 and that the real assets like gold or silver are the best thing for investors.

Jim Rogers is the second one who has voiced his opinion on the policy. He is of the opinion that the Federal Reserve do not know what they are doing and the strategy of printing money will not do a difference to the economy. Jim has predicted another deep recession in the next 5 years and both he and Peter Schiff feel that there is a financial crisis coming.

Rogers wants to take a dig at the presidential candidates and he does not care about the outcome of the elections. According to him, neither candidate understands the real issues of the economy nor is none of them able to fix it. He has touted investments like precious metals and agriculture, even though he has stated many times that he thinks silver is a better investment than gold.

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